Healed of Parkinsons & Neuropothy

My Testimony of God’s healing


This is my chance to share my story of the Lords healing powers to a person who had very little hope and had given up on life all together. Over four years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and had severe Neuropathy in my legs and ankles. The illness had progressed so bad and so fast that my ankles and feet were black in color and so sore and burning that I could not stand without a cane or walker. My weight had ballooned because I was unable to exercise enough to keep it down and stable which made my situation even worse. During this time my family and I had not been to church in a long time and we had lost our walk with the Lord. I had gone to several Doctors and specialists and each one gave me no hope to hang on to. I was giving in to this heartache and ready to die, in fact that was my prayer at that time.


I passed the Cornerstone Church every day and a voice told me to stop in and try to get my family into a church because they might need a church if I died soon and it would comfort them. It was like a light went on within me every time we attended a church service..


On one night the Pastor asked me to come up front and sit down and he and the other people there laid hands on me and prayed for a long while the tears and fears I had came out of me and I felt hope come into me. This was on a Wednesday night that this happened. Within the next three days I was walking without my cane or walker. Within the next few days the color was coming back to my feet. What is really even more overwhelming is I went golfing that Saturday, something that I couldn’t do for over four long years. My son came home from school and I told him to get the golf clubs out of the rafters of the garage we were going golfing he said-for real!!! The tears came from his eyes, because he could not get over the blessing. We went that day and I walked the whole nine holes and never slowed down.


The next Wednesday night service I walked into church and sat down without a cane. When the Pastor and the others noticed what happened everyone started to praise the Lord for this answer to prayer. It’s been over six months and I'm stil1 doing good and the reports from all my doctors are great and they are all really overwhelmed by this amazing answer to prayer.




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