Excerpts for a Letter from a Southern Sister N Brother N Christ

October 13th 2008

Hi! Yes, I received you package with the cd's you sent of your church song service. Lewis and I sat down that evening and listened to all three. They were good! But more than just that...I'll tell you what happened. The very next service here, the spirit of the Lord, was so glorious and wonderful. Unlike anything we have seen here since we began. During one of the songs I began to weep and speak in tongues and intercede for my son Jeremy, ( I didn't know at first is was for him, but toward the end I knew.) Then he called after church was over and he began telling me and Lewis about what had just happened on the road. Some far away state. It began with all the makings of a really bad situation, then suddenly, unexplainable it took a turn for his good. And he had been gone for 2 weeks and was having a horrible past 3 days, and was really discouraged. I won't go into all the details, but what looked like it was gonna cost him a lot of money, turned around and the guy for no known reason, turned soft and let him go. He thought how strange and just had to share it with us before bedding down for the night. He was excited. Then I told him what had just happened here interceding for him, and he's not convinced that's what happened, but the one's that were here, are convinced. You got to understand and know me, that is so unlike me. I lost it. Crying and speaking in tongues so uncontrollably and in front of everyone her. Not me.

That's not all...the next service and everone since...the song services have been different. There's been joy and lots more praise and anointed. Like I always wanted them to be. Not just ho-hum! But not about me either. It's like some spirit came with those cd's and has took up residence in our living room. And of course, I love it...and the others have noticed changes also. I thing they think it's me, but honestly, I feel the same. Until I stand and began the praise service. Then I feel something come over me and works through me. I sense it as it's happening.

Now I know this sounds like I'm making this up...but God know's I'm not. Even when I don't feel like singing or standing in front of everyone, or I feel beat down, something comes over me when I begin the first song. And stays till ever song is complete. Plus, God has led me to say things in between songs that I use to not do. I'm taking it slower. As the spirit leads me, I follow. I don't thing about time or how I feel or if they are gonna like the songs or not. Something is different! And it may not have anything to do with your cd's, but I believe it does. Nothing else is different. Nothing else happened. That I know of. Maybe it's your prayers. It's something. And I am grateful to be a part of it and among the one's reaping the blessings. God is smiling on us. And He is truely good!

This is why I have waited so long in writing this letter. I was curious, if it would keep happening or just drizzle out. You know what I mean? I have battled with even telling you this. I know it's the Spirit. All glory and credit goes to HIM...But God used you in some way. I don't understand it...and if you think I'm being, whatever...I don't care. I just feel like you deserve to know...how God used those cd's you sent. And ...what a blessing they are to me and Lewis. I wanted you to know that you may have sent 3 little cd's, but we got 3 cd's plus something more important...God sent us a gift along with yours. God is really using you to touch our lives. Thanks!

Rita and Lewis

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